Cheryl Leef

Growing up on a ranch in Eastern Wyoming and living in the Trinidad area has given Cheryl Leef the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature.  Cheryl aims to portray the diverse beauty of nature in her art.  Scenes from mountains to plains and much in between can be seen in her artwork.

Cheryl attended school in Wyoming.  She graduated from Pine Bluffs High School and the University of Wyoming.  She had the opportunity to take several art classes while obtaining a degree in education.  A busy and fulfilling career of teaching and the joys of raising a family kept Cheryl very busy for a couple of decades, but she found time to take art classes and workshops.  Now retired from full time teaching and with an “empty nest”, Cheryl now has much more time to spend creating art.

Working in oils and mixed media provides Cheryl with endless possibilities to present the wonders of nature.  She considers herself  incredibly lucky to live in a beautiful area with so many wonderful artists to learn from and be inspired by.

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