Jack Millard

Jack Millard, born in 1935, lived out every boy’s childhood fantasy of being a cowboy.  In 1947, his father bought a cattle ranch in the Flint Hills of eastern Kansas. He spent his teenage years as a working cowboy, herding cattle, robing and branding calves, breaking broncos and riding fences.

In 1956, on the GI Bill, he enrolled at the Colorado Institute f Art, studying under John Jellico,  with visions of becoming a commercial artist specializing in action scenes remembered from his cowboy days.  When the Little Britches Rodeo Association held a contest (with a cash prize) to create a logo to use with their nationally sanctioned rodeos, he won it and used the money to buy a diamond ring for his sweetheart, Sheri.  Soon, married and with a family on the way, he realized he had to have a job with benefits and dropped out of art school.  For the next 46 years, he concentrated on being a husband, father–and grandfather–of four, picking up along the way such careers as lab tech, high school teacher, small business owner,and truck and bus driver.

Upon retirement, Jack returned to his dream of being a western artist.  He does pencil and pen drawings, water, oil and pastel paintings, but is probably best known for his wood carvings.

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