Trish Keck

Tranter Trish photo

A native of Tucumcari, NM, Trish Keck earned a degree in Fine Art from Eastern NM University and did graduate work in art at the University of NM and University of Nevada a Las Vegas.  She taught art in Nevada and Texas until 1980.  She moved to the Denver area and decided to work full time as a professional artist, creating highly original handbuilt pottery, displaying it locally and nationally.

Her distinctive work is shown in galleries across the country.  Her love of the Rocky Mountains, the local beauty ad historical sites around Trinidad are the inspirations for her vivid and realistic oil paintings.

Trish feels a deep affinity with the Indian beliefs she first learned in her native New Mexico; an appreciation of Mother Earth, Father Sky, a kinship with all living creatures.  These awarenesses are supported here in Trinidad.  Here, she is truly spiritually at home in her brightly lit studio with a magnificent view of Fisher’s Peak.  She believes, “the mountains, the river, the pinons and junipers and Fisher’s Peak–all these are nurturing for creative individuals.  I feel my art and spirituality have grown considerably here.”

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